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Pirate Fina Image
Real Name : Fina
Age : 18
Height : 5'3" (5'4" in heels)
Weight : 110lbs
Hair Color and Consistency : Blonde, straight and to her neck, with two long forward bangs.
Eye Color : Green
Distinguishable Marks : Tattoos on shoulders and forehead.
Race : Silvite, Human.
Canon Point : Roughly one year after the events of Skies of Arcadia: Legends.

Appearance :

Fina is a pale, curvyish young woman with short blonde hair and expressive green eyes. She typically has a preference for white or lighter colored clothing, usually preferring long dresses that are high cut for easier movement.

Personality :

Fina is a shy and reserved young woman. Demure and quiet, she is naive about many customs of the world. However, this naiveté is not to be dismissed as stupidity easily as one thinks. Fina is, despite her lonely and strange childhood, a highly intelligent and well adjusted young woman, typically needing a concept only explained once to understand it.

Generally, she prefers her more extroverted friends to lead conversations when they're in a group, adding her point of thoughts in when she feels she needs to do so. However, once Fina is friends with someone, she'll typically do anything she can to help them--even going so far as to when others would ordinarily lose hope.

History :

(Warning: While I am aware Skies is an older game, if you haven't played it, there are spoilers beyond this point.)

Because I'm not finished revamping her profile, here's a Text dump of what used to be here, save for the disclaimers. It's the wikipedia article from when I originally made this journal.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities :

To be completed.

Spell List Link goes here
S-move list link goes here

Other Information :

Fina does in fact, have Cupil with her. This has not come up in the realm of RP, however. Cupil typically resides either where she's staying, with her, or as a bracelet on her wrist.

Information on Arcadia, one year later - To note, this is largely based on my speculation of how things would turn out, so it's not canon in the strictest since. It is for Fina, but if a sequel is ever made in some fashion, this may not be how it turns out. If one is made, I will incorporate its events however possible. If possible.

((This is an RP Journal. Her player is Matt Kintotech, and I do not actually own Fina nor Skies of Arcadia, if I did, there'd be massive effort to be making a sequel. I am making no profit in this, and I am merely playing her for fun. Mun is over 21, Fina is 18, also since I feel the need to clarify: I do not ship Fina/Ramirez. I see them closer to a sibling relationship before he left.))
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