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2008-12-02 06:35 am

The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same - Notes:

Because I like to keep extensive notes on this sort of thing:

ETA: NOTE: This applies to [ profile] 8_dressing only.

Note: This post assumes one has at least a vague idea of Skies of Arcadia's plotline, and will include spoilers as a result of it.

The version of Arcadia Fina hails from is one year after the game's events. Because I like worldbuilding, I figure it's a good idea to write this stuff down in case I ever need it.

What this means in her 'canon' is the following:

List-ramble-ish-thing )

...More later.
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2006-01-22 03:58 pm


Whee for screwing around with layouts
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2005-12-22 05:44 pm
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This post is for contacting Fina.

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