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The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same - Notes:

Because I like to keep extensive notes on this sort of thing:

ETA: NOTE: This applies to [ profile] 8_dressing only.

Note: This post assumes one has at least a vague idea of Skies of Arcadia's plotline, and will include spoilers as a result of it.

The version of Arcadia Fina hails from is one year after the game's events. Because I like worldbuilding, I figure it's a good idea to write this stuff down in case I ever need it.

What this means in her 'canon' is the following:

-Enrique has gone back to Valua to start reconstruction, and thus far, it goes smoothly. He's allowed Vyse to use the Delphinus until Vyse can complete construction on a ship of his own. Valua's economy has been greatly helped by the sudden and massive influx of Yellow Moon Stones from the Rains.

-Nasr, also, has been rebuilding. But since their destruction, the government has gone under massive change, instead forming a council of the higher merchants in the city. How this will fare is unknown at the present time. Either way, the commonly accepted thought is that most of them seem to blame Valua for what happened.

-The Blue Rogues continue their actions, attacking the occasional heavily armed ship, hunting for treasure, etc, and act as a sort of loose assistance of allies to Valua. Mainly in the fact that they're helping with the recovery. They're attempting to assist with Nasr's recovery as well, but the views on this have been mixed.

-The Black Pirates remain similarly active, Baltor going after Vyse on a fairly regular, if erratic, basis, to name an example.

-Yafutoma has become a world power under Diago's rule, and acts as an ally to Valua as well.

...More later.